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Cycle Against The Traffik

Who Is Cycle Against The Traffik?

Cycle Against The Traffik is an initiative dedicated to raising awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking. We combine our passion to put an end to slavery with our love for cycling. Each year Cycle Against The Traffik aims to achieve this goal by organising a cycling tour that focuses on speaking with schools, community and religious groups en route about slavery and how everybody can help in its eradication. Each tour dedicates any funds raised to a different community organisation that supports trafficked victims in various parts of the world. Cycle Against The Traffik is a purely voluntary group of individuals that takes no funds for itself.

Cycle Against The Traffik was started by Carolyn Merry. Carolyn has worked for 10 years with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) as a nurse and project manager in Afghanistan, East Timor, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Chechnya, Malaysia and Zimbabwe.

“I have been repeatedly challenged while working overseas on the issue of human slavery. Not only have I seen the conditions of poverty, conflict, displacement and corruption that allow slavery and trafficking to flourish, but I have also seen the devastating effects of slavery and trafficking on individuals and communities”. Carolyn Merry

Carolyn decided to combine her love of cycling with her desire to see an end to slavery. She has been joined by many who have combined to use their own specific talents to start Cycle Against The Traffik and help put an end to a despicable crime that robs so many of their dignity, freedom, and worth as human beings.

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Cycle Against The Traffik are proudly sponsored by:

Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH)

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