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Tour 2010 Sydney to Melbourne 3–18 September

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The Cycle Against The Traffik Tour 2010 was a huge success and spread awareness about slavery and human trafficking in the towns along the tour route, involving thousands of people in the ongoing fight to eradicate slavery in our world.

We have chosen a shelter in Malaysia run by the community organisation Tenaganita to receive any funds raised by the ride. The shelter helps support women who formerly have been trafficked and held as slaves. Tenaganita’s shelter offers much needed accommodation, counselling and skills training which enables the women to make a new start after being rescued from slavery. Read more about this project (coming soon)

The 2010 tour took in 1038km along the scenic route of the Princes Highway between Sydney and Melbourne (click here for route details). At each town along the route key riders gave presentations to schools, religious and other community groups on modern slavery and human trafficking. There was also a variety of opportunities presented on how individuals and groups can become involved in the eradication of slavery.

How to get involved

Stay tuned for Cycle Against The Traffik's Tour 2011!

1. Fundraising/donating to our chosen anti-trafficking organisation
2. Purchase a Cycle Against The Traffik TOUR 2010 T-shirt or Freedom Song CD
3. Join an electronic network receiving updates on the fight against slavery

Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans

Stop The Traffik

Anti-Slavery Project

Anti-Slavery International

Cycle Against The Traffik are proudly sponsored by:

Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH)

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